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Our History

It all started here with a little homebrewing on the front porch! We’d spend endless hours with our family and friends geeking out over the latest brewing techniques, discussing the newest hop varieties and eating the freshly harvested goodies from the farm. Anyone who has ever brewed knows that brewing is not just an activity, IT IS TRULY AN EVENT! With our love of agriculture, it seemed natural for us to incorporate the bounty from the farm into our brews.

Our farm is home to an apiary, raspberry and blueberry fields, a hop yard and even a small vineyard. A flock of chickens is always ready to greet you upon your arrival. “Yes, you can make beer with chicken!” With the support of those enthusiastic friends and family, we started a brewery to build community, foster friendship and simply enjoy time together. As our evening  of homebrewing would come  to an end, we would pat each other on the back and hug in celebration of our latest creation. We’d say…“Isn’t Life Brewtiful?”

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