Our Brewmaster




 Nick comes to The Farm Brewery at Broad Run by way of Colorado, Maryland & Texas. His passion for craft beer was born in Ft. Collins among days spent rock climbing followed by a brew with friends at one of the city's many absolutely stellar, pioneering craft breweries (shout out Odell's for remaining one of his favorite breweries to this day!). As a born and raised native of the DMV, Nick's professional career as a brewer began as an OG member of Calvert Brewing Company in Maryland. They went from small startup brewing in a chicken coop on a farm to a regional powerhouse in the DMV. He spent six years as a lead brewer and then head brewer with Calvert before making the jump to the large scale, internationally distributed Spoetzl Brewery, which produces Shiner Beers, including the infamous Shiner Bock. Ultimately he knew his love of the craft would take him back to a smaller, boutique operation where he'd be able to showcase his talent and passion for everything craft beer. He has a deep affinity and appreciation for carefully crafted, authentic German Beers and crisp, clean Lagers but leans toward experimentation with IPAs, new hop varieties, barrel aging, and sours. As head brewer at The Farm Brewery at Broad Run, he brings all kinds of new ideas to add to the Farm Brewery's stellar classic line up. To start, one of the first specialty releases will be a Nelson and Hallertau Blanc Brut IPA in Champagne bottles! Many excellent IPAs and Lagers, along with some fun and crazy flavor combinations to look forward to in 2021.